Oh My: Hygienic Thief, Tractor Photo-Shoot

We report the odd and silly police news from across the region.

Wanted: White male, brown hair, shiny white teeth

must have learned at some point in his upbringing that people are often judged by their smiles. He apparently missed the lesson that people are also judged when they steal stuff. 

Not a Kodak moment

A Sherborn resident reported that his wife felt like she was being harassed by the neighbors who were taking pictures of her while she was riding a tractor in the area. Officers spoke to both parties.

In the doghouse

A Medfield resident must have been surprised to find a wild animal in the family pet's outdoor home. The resident called police to report finding a dead fox in the dog house.

The caller who reported this wasn't full of hot air...

...and it's possible the balloon wasn't, either. A hot air balloon crash on Sunday has to be one of the more unusual calls to which Northborough Police have responded. The balloon got stuck in a tree off East Main Street at 7:58 a.m. No one was injured.

This horse prefers strolling solo.

On a recent Friday morning in Hopkinton, a caller reported that a horse ran across the street with a saddle on its back, but no rider. An officer made contact with the horse's owner, who was reunited with the horse.


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