Oh My: Bandit Leaves (His) Wallet, Bobcat Hides

In other unusual police news, kids were accused of "breaking trees."

I've heard of skunks hanging out under decks, but this is something new...

A Medfield resident called police last weekend regarding an unusual intruder that was believed to be camping out under his house. The Animal Control officer was notified.

Maybe these kids didn't want to break the trees, but rather, just wanted all their leaves.

A 911 caller reported one night this week in Milford that four children were "breaking trees" at Milford High School.

Police found the children "playing in a leaf pile."

This bandit was so busy stealing others' wallets that he forgot his own.

Not only did he leave his wallet on the ground next to a car he's accused of breaking into, he actually went to the Police Department to see if anyone had turned it in.


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