Letter: 'Hope is Not a Strategy'

The Chairman of the Republican Town Committee takes issue with recent assertions about the GOP.

William Glatfelter's Letter to the Editor entitled, "To the Local Electorate," attempts to portray Republicans as mean spirited defenders of the wealthy, while presenting President Obama as having "cerebral horsepower and the right set of priorities."  At one point he even asserts that Obama will be just fine "If we can get the other guys [Republicans] out of the way."  Why not just change our form of government from a democracy to a monarchy and simply dispense with the opposition?

But isn't this what happened in 2008?

Perhaps in the spirit of the Season, we can forgive Mr. Glatfelter's failure to note that Mr. Obama had a complete liberal majority during his first two years in office, or that the Democrats literally did lock the doors and shove the Republican opposition out of the way (see Reid and Pelosi).  However, we cannot ignore the consequences arising from their one-party rule governance because there was an election in 2010 that overwhelmingly repudiated what Obama and the Democrats were doing to the economy, the political process and the Country.  This ultimately included the election of Scott Brown right here in Massachusetts.  So much for the right set of priorities.

Admittedly democracy can be messy, especially when prevailing political philosophies are in such stark contrast as they are today.  However the checks and balances built into our political process are principle reasons why the United States has endured, and flourished through the years while other countries have failed.  Even if our government is  complex, we must always remember that in the end it exists to serve the interests of the people.  When the issues are reduced to the individual level the choices become clearer and more personal.  The people realize that when the economy is being impeded by (too) high taxes demanded by government, or paralyzed by over-burdening regulations, or compromised by unfair competition, there will be a correspondingly negative impact on jobs.  The people also know that they must spend within their means or risk personal bankruptcy or home foreclosure, and they want their government to do the same.  They understand that there are some among us who will always need assistance, but they also know that when there are more people riding in the wagon than taxpayers who are pulling it,  the system is not working.  And, they believe that America is an aspirational Country, not one bullied into an environment of class warfare by their government.

Contrary to the ardent advocacy that Mr. Glatfelter uses to support Democrats and Liberals [and Mr. Obama], Ronald Reagan's famous questions to the voters regarding the Carter presidency will soon be re-echoing across the State and the Nation.  The next election will be a referendum and voters must decide if President Obama's transformative policies have taken the Nation down the right track, or if his social programs and profligate spending have us careening down the wrong track.  Voters must decide if they are confident that they will leave the Country as well off for their children and grandchildren as it was left to them.  Voters need to decide if they want America to devolve to the level of  the European Nations who want to compete with us, then ask us to bail them out when they fail, or continue to evolve as the economic engine of the World.  In short, voters will have to decide if America's best days are behind us or in front of us.

Finally, there is a major curiosity in the very starting point of Mr. Glatfelter's assertions.  He suggests that Republicans are responsible for the current economic situation because they inaptly believe in catering to the rich and that "a rising tide floats all boats"  … [which only applies to boats].  In fact, this "economic theory" was originally propounded by none other than the estimable Democrat John F. Kennedy, and presented as his rationale for authorizing a significant tax reduction that ignited the economy in the early 1960's.  It was also President Kennedy who urged Americans in his inaugural speech to "Ask not what their Country could do for them, but what they could do for their Country." Is there anyone who still believes that that is what the Democrat Party stands for today?

Sadly, what the Nation has learned under President Obama's presidency, is that "hope" is not a strategy, and that transformation of  American culture and redistributive class warfare are "changes" they did not bargain for three years ago.  This is why America has elections, and here I agree with Mr. Glatfelter's point - that decision could not be easier.

Jim Hatherley,
18 Crownridge Road
Chairman, Westborough Republican Town Committee

Neil Herzig December 28, 2011 at 03:50 PM
Jim, Very articulate and well put.


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