Is 'Don't Ever Change' the Best You've Got?

Marlborough High School sends off its 2012 graduating class this weekend. Have any words of advice?

It's the season of graduations. Locally,  will celebrate its commencement Sunday at 2 p.m. The  will hold graduation the following Saturday. 

Anyone who's ever attended graduation knows it can also be the season of overwrought speeches and cliched advice. Each year, valedictorians, class presidents, guest speakers and administrators are tasked with imparting wisdom onto a new class of graduates. It's a challenge to stay fresh, to say something that hasn't been said before.

That said, some advice is worth repeating. What's the best graduation/life advice you've ever received? What would you tell the graduates about what lies ahead?

To get us started, here's a list compiled of the "10 best graduation speeches of all time."

Add to it with your advice in the comments.


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