How Have You Coped Without Power?

NStar says everyone in Holliston will wake up Saturday with power. How have you managed without?

According to electric utility NStar, about 75 customers in Holliston remained without power Friday morning, with all customers in town-and across its coverage area--due to be restored by 10 p.m.  

For days, hundreds of Holliston residents went without electricity, which got us at Patch wondering. How have you coped?

Did you buy a generator? Did your neighbors offer to help? Which modern amenity did you miss the most? And which are you now thinking you could live without permanently? Did your car's cell phone charger become your new best friend? 

And what, if anything, positive came out of being in the dark? Did you reconnect with neighbors and family? Rediscover the joy of candlelight? Tell us in the comments. 

Keith Regan September 02, 2011 at 01:20 PM
I live in Hopkinton and went without electricity almost all week--108 hours, to be precise, not that I was counting. To cope, I caught up on sleep, walked my dog more than ever, got to know neighbors better--thank you Mark and Danielle for the generator-powered electricity to run my coffee maker!-- and became a regular at Pejamajo Cafe in downtown Holliston, which has free WifFi, a few power outlets (in great demand this week, of course), great iced coffee, and very friendly staff. The biggest upside of all may have been that without access to the Weather Channel, I had no idea--until this morning--that there's another hurricane brewing way out in the Atlantic.
Danielle Horn September 02, 2011 at 01:37 PM
Another hurricane? Lalalalalalala I can't hear you.


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