Buffalo Chicken that Can't Be Beat at Kennedy's

Kennedy's Pub on Maple Street offers a wide variety of delicious meals and drinks.

 has been home to family dining and good eating in Marlborough for a long time. 

Kennedy's started as a family business in 1981 and has grown to become a local landmark over the years. The restaurant is hidden behind Kennedy's Market at 247 Maple St.

Its aged, dark, wood accented interior is similar to what one might expect to find inside a country pub on the back-roads of rural Ireland, but with its own flair of fare, it is decidedly not Irish in the traditional sense. Kennedy's menu fits more easily inside the confines of continental cuisine.

First off, I must commend the buffalo chicken strips. While this item is only on the appetizer list, Kennedy's serves a healthy portion of some of the most delicious chicken I have ever tasted. In the year I have been eating there, this dish has been consistent to the point where I have to assume the quality of the food is no aberration. 

This meat is tender and cooked to perfection almost every time. If I have one criticism, it is one that is easily fixed: They often do not put enough buffalo sauce on these strips, but asking for an extra side of the spicy concoction remedies that. 

For those inclined to order Reuben sandwich for lunch or a light dinner, rest assured Kennedy's variety is a solid choice, adorned with fries or one of several other tasty sides. 

While the dinner menu isn't filled with things you might normally expect to see in a place called Kennedy's, it has many delicious options. This includes a shrimp scampi that was much better than expected, complete with fresh cut basil and tomato, along with a hearty slice of garlic bread and plenty of shrimp. 

Portions are always large, and almost always even more delicious. The only item I've ever had at this locale that was less than ideal was their calamari. Having come from a seafaring/waterfront area of New England, I am used to the freshest and some of the most innovative varieties of this dish. Kennedy's version just doesn't cut it, but lest I leave you on sour note, I can honestly say that everything else I have ever had there certainly does make the grade.

Plan your trip to Kennedy's carefully as evenings are generally very busy, and you can expect a wait if you go during peak dinner hours. Otherwise, the restaurant is large and seating can be had very quickly.

Marlborough has several superior restaurants, and I personally count Kennedy's Pub among them. Check it out for yourself, and please, please do not forget to try the boneless buffalo strips. 

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Ryan P August 24, 2011 at 04:57 PM
You can't forget about the amazing steak tips!!!
John Ryan August 24, 2011 at 10:59 PM
Love Kennedy's, Sheila and Francine are the best!


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