Marlborough Resident Running His 10th Marathon

Peter Binkewicz is a member of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge in this year's Boston Marathon.

Name: Peter Binkewicz

Age: 42

How Many Times Has He Run the Boston Marathon? Seven times in a row in Boston, once in Chicago and one time in New York City.

Why Does He Run? "At first, I wanted to 'check the box' so to speak and say I've run a marathon," said Binkewicz, "Over the years, though, it has evolved from something that I did just for me to an event that I do for other people."

Runners who are part of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challengeto benefit the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Cancer Research. Binkewicz and his wife Julie, who has run the Boston Marathon three times in the past, have raised $130,000 for the Barr Program and Peter is on the organization's board of directors. Peter lost an aunt and an uncle to cancer.

"The Barr investigators and I are working toward the goal of a world without cancer," said Binkewicz. The couple's two oldest children have a tradition of joining their dad on the last mile of the marathon and crossing the finish line with him.

What Does He Do to Train? "You strive to run between 300 and 400 miles in 12 weeks when you're training," said Binkewicz. "As the race gets closer, you taper down how many miles you run. During my training, the most I ran was 34 miles in a week. Then, two weeks ago, I was on vacation in a sunny place and I ran 21 miles. Now, I'm doing between 16 and 20 miles in a week."

Why does He Love to Run? "It's very humbling. I especially like a quote that I heard from one of the Dana-Farber doctors, 'The Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge is a challenge for runners, but cancer patients truly run a marathon every single day.' I feel like what I do is easy compared to what they go through."

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