Marlborough Cat is in Need of Hip Replacement

A Marlborough family member has posted a GoFundMe campaign, seeking help to cover a needed operation for their cat, Blaise.

Blaise, shown in the GoFundMe page photo.
Blaise, shown in the GoFundMe page photo.
A Marlborough cat has his own GoFundMe page, created by a family member who said their pet needs a hip replacement. So far, the $1,000 campaign is just $325 short of the goal.

Blaise has been diagnosed by a veterinarian with Legg-Perthes disease, according to the post, a hereditary disease that "has broken away at his hip bone over time." His owner continued: "He needs a big surgery on his hip to fix it so he can walk. He is only a year old and we can't stand to see him in so much pain. We are reaching out for help!"

Contributions have come in small denominations, of $10 and $15, as well as larger ones. To view the post, and others by local residents, see this page.


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