Friend, Colleague Creates 'Raising Hope for Vanessa' site on GoFundMe

A family friend has created a fundraising website for a Marlborough single mother.

Raising Hope for Vanessa via Go Fund Me.
Raising Hope for Vanessa via Go Fund Me.
A friend and coworker of Vanessa Caines, a single mother of three children, created a fundraising site for her earlier this year after the death of her husband.

Her husband had no life insurance, wrote Diane Mentiply, and the fund seeks to provide money for his widow and children for expenses to help them get back on their feet.

"On February 12, 2013 Vanessa's husband, Chad, tragically passed away from a massive heart attack at the young age of 42," Mentiply wrote. "Unfortunately Chad had no life insurance and Vanessa has been left to raise their 3 children on her own (Cory, 11 yo - Cordell, 9 yo who suffers from Autism - Desiree, 4 yo). Our goal is to raise HOPE towards the future of Vanessa and her children to help subsidize burial costs, the needs of Cordell for his condition, as well as to stabilize this family's financial concerns while Vanessa gets her footing as a single mom. We can all only imagine how difficult this situation is. "

For additional local campaigns on GoFundMe, see this page.


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