The Calm Before the Storm

Ghiloni Park was visited this morning by people making the most of the calm before the coming blizzard.

People were playing on the basketball courts and walking their dogs at Ghiloni Park as the snow started falling Friday morning.

As the flakes lazily floated down to the park, everyone began getting in their cars to go home and hunker down through the impending storm.

"Snows coming and I'm going home right now," said Anne Cross who was ready to wait out the storm. "The candles are ready and the cell phone is all charged up so there's only so much you can do."

Marilyn Quinn had joined Cross in the park to walk their dogs.

"We might be lucky and not lose it. It's the electricity I'm worried about," she said.

Vickie Paquette was looking forward to waiting out the storm. She was at the park walking her dog with her son Emilio. They were joined by Alan Niebanck who had come up from Boston for the weekend.

"I'll be curious to know how much snow I'm going to have to shovel," he said of the possible three feet of snow that could hit the city.

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Niebanck came prepared for a power outage with games, sheet music and a ukulele. Paquette said she was planning on getting out her guitar as well.

"We're definitely going to learn at least one guitar song," she said.

Before Quinn and Cross left, they commented on how helpful and informative city officials had been leading up to the storm.

"They do a good job. Marlborough is a good city to live in," said Cross.


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