Former Environmental Affairs Secretary Charged with Baiting Deer

The former State Secretary of Environmental affairs has been charged with baiting deer while hunting in Vermont.

Robert Durand, the former State Secretary of Environmental affairs, is saying he did not bait deer while hunting in Vemont, according to a report from The Boston Globe.

“It wasn’t my stand. It wasn’t my game camera. It wasn’t my apples,” Durand told the Globe in reference to apples that were at the base of a tree stand. “When I got up there, I realized there were apples below it. I should have gotten down when I saw the apples, but instead I stayed up there for a few minutes, and the wardens arrived shortly thereafter. But it wasn’t my stand. They know that.”

Durand is a former state representative and senator for Marlborough. He has plead not guilty to the charges, according to the Globe, and could face a maximum penalty that includes 60 days in prison and loss of the ability to hunt in Vermont for three years.

Paul Bishop January 05, 2013 at 02:54 PM
You were posted up in a stand which had been baited, and you knew it. That means you were intentionally using a baited stand to hunt. The fact is, the guy is so dishonest that he couldn't even set up his own illegal bait site, he STOLE the efforts of someone else who did! Whoever set up the camera, stand, and bait was wrong to do so.. but at least it was their own efforts. This tool is so lazy that he can't even be bothered to do the work himself, and needs to compound the dishonesty by even cheating other cheaters. Could you get more a poetic view of the reality of the scum who tell you what's right and wrong.. when they get caught breaking those same rules?


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