"Epic," "Historic" Snowstorm Prompts Marlborough Blizzard Watch

Marlborough is under a blizzard watch beginning Friday with conditions set to worsen throughout the day.

Weather officials and services are calling this storm many things, from epic to historic, even as the predicted snow totals continue to vary greatly.

The National Weather Service describes the storm as historic in a weather advisory for Friday and Saturday. A blizzard watch will be in effect beginning Friday morning and extending into Saturday afternoon. The worst of the storm will be Friday night into Wednesday morning, according to the advisory.

The storm is being described as "epic" by WHDH Chief Meteorologist Pete Bouchard in the Channel 7 Weather Blog. He explains that the finer points of the storm have yet to be determined, but conditions will worsen throughout the day.

"Snowfall rates could approach 2-4 inches per hour if thunderstorms get going. Yes, I said thunderstorms," writes Bouchard. "These are reserved for only the most intense storms, and this one fits the bill."


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