5 Things: Volunteer Opportunities and History of Today

From volunteer opportunities to the history of Martin Luther King Jr. Day; we have what you need to know today.

1. Heading out today? Make sure you check what is open and what is closed. We have a list of openings and closings collected for you.

2. Today is most likely a day off for you, but you can turn it into a day of service. There are volunteer opportunities available for today specifically in Townsend. If you are looking for something a little closer, Burlington Coat Factories is accepting donations of winter coats.

3. Want to learn more about the man whose legacy is remembered each year on its own day? The King Center has a wealth of information available for those looking for more information.

4. Looking to bring the spirit of volunteering back to Marlborough moving forward? We have a list of community resources, many of which would be glad for additional volunteers.

5. History time — today is the day in 1977 that President Jimmy Carter pardoned Vietnam War draft evaders.


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