5 Things: Police Log on Vacation and Superintendent Search

The School Committee will begin their search for a permanent superintendent today as the police log takes a vacation after Columbus Day.

1. Due to Columbus Day yesterday, we will not be having a police log today. make sure to check back tomorrow to find out all the happenings over the weekend. If you still have the itch, feel free to peruse the latest police log and our collection of police calls out to the Solomon Pond Mall.

2. It is the second day off for Marlborough Public School students. Might we suggest getting out and enjoying the day with some apple picking or raiding a pumpkin patch?

3. The School Committee will be reviewing three options for companies to help with the search for a permanent superintendent. They may even vote on the company tonight if they are comfortable.

4. Interested in crime? Want to know what goes into an arrest. Take a read of our story of what goes into getting a search warrant in Marlborough. It is something more akin to something you would watch on "The Wire" than you would expect to hear about in Marlborough.

5. The Mansfield Patch recently wrote a story about the president of Behavioral Concepts Inc. that serves children affected by autism spectrum disorders. The services of his company extend into the Marlborough area.

* October 09, 2012 at 07:52 PM
Let's hope they speed up the process of finding a New & Improoved Superindent of Schools soon, am I right! This time around thoroughly seek a great candidate, too! Must have had to wait for contract negotiations to end, before searching?


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