5 Things: Giving Back and Holiday Activities

It is the time of year to give back and there is a perfect opportunity today as well as an exhaustive list of what to do with your children for the rest of the holidays.

1. Welcome back from the holidays. Due to the holidays, we will not have our police log until tomorrow. It's sure to be full of the happenings over the weekend though, so keep your eyes peeled.

2. Are you ready for winter driving? Granted we have not had much snow, but slick roads can come about other ways. We have put together a guide for winter driving here.

3. With all the speculation on a potential open Senate seat and who will seek it, it is interesting to know that Deval Patrick's home is up for sale.

4. Christmas is over. Holiday break isn't. One of our editors has compiled a tried and true list of things to do with your children for the remainder of the vacation. When I say exhaustive, I mean exhaustive. I got tired half way through the list.

5. A perfect way to continue the spirit of the holidays is in continuing to give. What better way than a blood drive today at the Masonic Hall at 8 Newton Street. The Red Cross will even give you a present of your own in return in the form of a lift ticket to Wachusett Mountain.


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