5 Things: Fair Season and Bicycles

From the beginning of the fair season to a way to give your old bicycle a good home; we have what you need to know today right here.

1. Welcome to the weekend! Are you prepared for Thanksgiving? Looking to put the worry and planning aside for a second? This weekend's Marlborough Rotary Turkey Shoot raffle may be just the ticket. There are over 200 items being raffled in the 30th year of this event.

2. Have an old bike that could use a new owner? Bring it to the Bicycle Recycle event this weekend in Hudson.

3. Dancing and exercising to fight breast cancer will be happening at the Zumbathon Party in Pink charity event tomorrow beginning early in the morning.

4. The holidays are officially upon us. That means fair season! Kick yours off with the Meetinghouse Fair this Saturday.

5. Because they are just so darned cute, we want to highlight again the kittens that were rescued in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. You can help by donating towards their charities or adopting one of the 30 cats under the organization's care so they can bring more cats out of the overwhelmed shelters in New York.


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