5 Things: Bargain Homes and Christmas

From bargain priced homes being scooped up like hot cakes to Christmas presents; we have what you need to know today.

1. We are still here! If you are reading this take a deep breath, as the world has not ended.

2. A home sold yesterday for its asking price after less than 60 days on the market. This is another affordable home in the area that sold relatively quickly, like another home last week. It seems people are still looking for bargains and willing to pay asking price for them.

3. Bar Pong is gone for good from Firefly's according to their new manager. Apparently, they didn't like the crowd it was drawing, or that they had to call the police there to break up the crowd.

4. Christmas is just around the corner, with the corner being a nice long weekend for most of us, however not everyone is the best at giving presents. Let us know what the worst present you have ever received was here.

5. The United States Postal Service has created a unique Post Office Box to allow the public to send cards to Newtown CT.


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