Fourth Biggest Tax Payer to Break New Ground in April

Boston Scientific is aiming to break ground in April as it moves its headquarters to Marlborough.

Boston Scientific is seeking zoning changes as the company moves forward with a projected April groundbreaking of a new building at its Marlborough campus.

If everything goes as planned, the majority of the construction will be completed by next April with occupancy by May, 2014, said Paul Donhauser, the head of international development for the company.

The company has proposed zoning amendments that it says will expediate the construction at the current campus — that will serve as the company's new headquarters — as well as entice additional development. These changes will make it easier to create a campus in Limited Industrial areas, said representatives of the company.

"You can't create a campus under current rules," Donhauser.

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The zoning alterations include changing parking and landscaping requirements as well as making changes that would allow bridges to connect buildings in a park that are technically on different lots.

For the Boston Scientific location, the zoning would mean a complete campus where employees could walk from building to building over bridges with a landscaped area at the center of the buildings at the location.

"You have a better ordinance and an ordinance that help promotes a campus," said Attorney Arthur Bergeron representing the company.

The changes are currently being discussed in the Urban Affairs Committee.


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