Create some Magick at the Wand Workshop Today at Charmed!

Create your own wand!
Create your own wand!
"It is not the wizard that chooses the wand, Harry, it is the wand that chooses the wizard.”

This workshop for all ages explores the history of the wand from ancient times to Harry Potter. Students will be chosen by their wand from several we have already prepared for participants. Students will be then be encouraged to adorn their wand with their own unique style and vision using feathers, stones, ribbons, shells and many other adornments provided and we also encourage students to bring small personal items or perhaps broken jewelery to create an heirloom with special power and meaning.

A wonderful and meaningful Holiday gift idea! Fun afternoon for kids!

You are not required to stay the entire five hours and specific appointment times are encouraged (example: (3) participants at 2pm) for those who may have time constraints.

$35 for children 10 and older(supervising parents are FREE) and adults. Group of 6 $25 per person.

This wand workshop has been a fan fave since we began teaching it one year ago and is taught by Frank Hinckley.

Saturday 12/21: 12-5pm
Charmed 461 South Street Marlborough / 5082639491

For pictures from our last workshop, use this link:


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