Will You Boycott Businesses That Avoid Paying Employee Health Insurance?

In response to Obamacare, some franchise owners are planning to cut employee hours to avoid providing health care.

Businesses across the country are attempting to formulate a response to the Affordable Health Care Act, with some business owners and restaurant franchisees saying they will be cutting hours.

One of the latest cases is a Wendy's franchisee in Nebraska announcing it would cut employees' hoursaffecting roughly 100 employees — to avoid providing health care. Wendy's Corporate, which directly operates stores in Massachusetts, has not discounted cutting employee hours even as they distance themselves from the statement out of Nebraska.

"We are still reviewing our approach to the Affordable Care Act, when the employer mandate goes into effect in 2014," Wendy's Corporate Media Contact Bob Bertini told Patch this week. "Our franchisees are independent business people, and they make the decisions regarding benefits for their restaurant teams."

There are some signs that a business planning to cut hours to avoid providing health care is a turn off to customers.

What do you think? Would you boycott a company that cuts employee hours to avoid providing health care? Tell us in the comments.

Irene Del Bono January 14, 2013 at 02:02 PM
What make you think we have the highest health insurance premiums in the country? Do you have some facts to back that up - adjusted for MA higher costs of living? Re-read the article - the employer mandate doesn't go into effect until 2014. So employers cutting employees now claiming it is because of Obamacare are flat out lying. It's just like the coal companies, who are claiming they are closing their mines because of regulations, when it is clear that the fracking and cheap gas prices have severely reduced the demand for coal. And from all the deaths and mine accidents caused by failure to implement required safety precautions and drilling in a manner prohibited by regulation, they ignore regulations anyway. Same with big oil, whose CEOs only concern is "getting back to their lives" - i.e., they could care less about the loss of lives or damage their cheating caused. And they are still lying, paying for ads that say everything is back to the way it was, when nothing is further from the truth. As for Obamacare having been proposed by the GOP first (designed to add profits to line the pockets of insurance companies), not only is it true, but it was speculated to be one of Romney's biggest stumbling blocks, distancing himself from Obamacare while bragging about implementing Romneycare, a GOP-based idea. Too many people conveniently forget facts that conflict with what they choose to believe, as in "my mind is made up - don't confuse me with the facts."
Irene Del Bono January 14, 2013 at 02:14 PM
You are clearly wrong - the article says Wendy's Corporate has not discounted cutting employee hours. Now is the perfect time to send a message that if they cut hours to avoid paying benefits some people will choose not to go there (remember - the law does not go into effect until 2014, so anyone claiming their cuts now are due to having to provide health care are liars).
milfordman January 14, 2013 at 06:35 PM
http://www.commonwealthfund.org/~/media/Files/News/News%20Releases/2012/Dec/1648_Schoen_state_trends_premiums_deductibles_2003_2011_1210_EMBARGO.pdf Here's one study. I have read countless other studies and articles that support the fact that Mass has the highest insurance premiums. Of course, that honor may soon be lost thanks to Obamacare. And despite your protestations to the contrary large junks of ObamaCare have already been implemented -- remember those thousands of waivers from the law that Obama granted his friends last year?--including taxes and employer requirements.
Irene Del Bono January 14, 2013 at 07:29 PM
milfordman, I generally go to a site like governing.com for national data comparing states (interestingly, this month highlights Massachusetts and what good shape it is in). Were you aware that Obamacare provides a disincentive for insurance companies to deny coverage, and so one way or another, either through reduced rates, or the rebates mandated by Obamacare, they have to fork over and can't pad their pockets with money from denying customers medical care - to the tune of $167 million in Texas. To my mind, that is a good thing. Am trying to access the report you referenced (thank you! I am always interested in good sources).
Henry Massingale September 26, 2013 at 04:12 AM
We will support anyone who boycotts this Health Care Bill. Boycott The Health Care Bill, I will never pay the first penny into this Obama Care, for the rest of my life, I will Boycott it. As soon as the American People just say no, and have a Old Fashion American Boycott, then only then will these Government Officials understand.... I have been searching for information, that Government Officials, invested into the Health Care Bill. In a direct search....under Healthcare Bill.......no information was there, but under a search for Government Officials Investments into Pharmaceuticals, google presented this... Now this does not show at a 100% in-put of information...so this data can not show a direct link to all as of yet.......only some.... 1. John Kerry (D-MA) Avg. Net Worth of Household in 2006: $267,789,805 Spouse's Name and Title: 2. Herbert H. Kohl (D-WI) Avg. Net Worth of Household in 2006: $171,423,011 3. Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) Avg. Net Worth of Household in 2006: $102,822,519 4. John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV (D-WV) Avg. Net Worth of Household in 2006: $91,713,012 5. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) Avg. Net Worth of Household in 2006: $79,555,657 10. Andrew L. (Lamar) Alexander, Jr. (R-TN) Avg. Net Worth of Household in 2006: $27,800,155 67. Barack H. Obama (D-IL) Avg. Net Worth of Household in 2006: $799,006 read more:http://insidertrading.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=001580 President Barack Obama | The White House- You Lied, You know I have posted many things to day, and it all stands on one thing, President Obama, you lied, our Government Lied, and for this, most of our Officials in Government will be voted out. The day that three Military Solders died in the Poppy Fields, protecting heroin, our country died with them. Our faith in our own Government died with these solders. Their names are lost in the history,we will never know who they were, but the memory of them will undo this Administration, over this Afghan War. President Obama, you lied and so did President Bush, this Health Care Bill died along with our American Vets....because of heroin..... As long as Pharmaceutical Heroin is paid for within I will boycott...


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