Recently Listed Homes in Andover

These homes were recently added to the Andover real estate market.

Here's a closer look at 5 local homes that were recently added to the real estate market in Andover.

The photo gallery attached to this post offers a look at the exterior of these properties and our map to the right of the gallery pinpoints their locations in town.


Address List Price Sq. Ft. Bed/Bath 21 Andover Country Club Lane $1,425,000
4/3/2 half baths
5 Andover Country Club Lane
$1,400,000 7,285 5/5/2 half baths 3 Deerberry Lane $939,900 5,182  5/3/2 half baths 41 Dascomb Rd $639,900  2,644 4/3.5 3 Pioneer Circle $524,900  2,980 4/3

Information compiled using MLS data courtesy of Aol Real Estate and NEMoves.com.


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