Milford TV Opens its Doors, Attracts a Big Crowd

The grand opening of Milford TV on Saturday drew several hundred people to the new community access studio on South Main Street.

Several hundred people walked through the new Milford TV studio on Saturday, viewing its editing rooms, the control room, and stepping in front of the "Green Screen" to see how they looked on TV.

The grand opening celebration included music from the Claflin Hill Symphony Orchestra strings trio, a large gallery of local art by artists associated with The Blackstone Valley Art Asscociation, and photography by Harry Platcow and Jim Calarese.

The television studio is a non-profit that will present both community and educational programs to viewers in several towns, including Mendon, Milford, Hopedale and Bellingham. (On Comcast, Channels 8 and 11; on Verizon, Channels 40 and 38.)

Financing for the enterprise comes from fees on cable bills, which are paid by customers. Both Verizon and Comcast are paying 4 percent of their gross annual revenue for the programming.

The programming includes cablecast of school athletics, major games, government meetings, video on demand and a weekly news program.

For more information, see the Milford TV website.

Ray Fellows January 21, 2013 at 03:43 PM
As a nonprofit, we went to this event. Nice facility, good food. But the problem still remains that very few people watch public access tv. We have done programs on publicaccess before that no one ever saw! The quality doesnt matter, unless your kid is on, people dont care.
harry platcow January 21, 2013 at 04:21 PM
Give them something that's promoted to a fare-thee-well in the papers, and radio and make it entertaining. People will make it part of their TV watching schedule. It's like knowing that Criminal Minds is on channel 52 at 7:00 through 9:00 (I really don't know). I'll hopefully will be producing a jazz program featuring local musicians.
Samantha Morris January 21, 2013 at 05:18 PM
I've always wanted to tell the weather...so if they need some weather people that would be fun!


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