The Best Prices in Marlborough and a Valentines Craft

Find the right price for breakfast staples and a Valentine's centerpiece idea!

Marlborough families have many  grocery shopping choices and many opportunities to save money. Within the past year a new supermarket chain has opened a store in our area and our local big box stores have now started offering fresh groceries.  The drug stores also sell grocery items. With all this abundance comes the need to shop very carefully and understand prices.

On Monday I took a ride to the larger stores near my home to find out what the prices are this week for the breakfast staples that my family enjoys. The stores I visited were , and in Marlborough and Walmart in Hudson. Below are my findings. I realize that not everyone would choose to buy these items, especially if you have a food allergy or a picky eater in your family. If you have advice on good prices for the breakfast staples that your family likes, please share them in the comments below.

1. Organic Milk: We drink ultra pasteurized organic 1 percent milk in the ½ gallon size. I prefer to purchase it in the ½ gallon size so that it stays as fresh as possible in my refrigerator. My kids like Stonyfield Farm milk and I found the ½ gallon container for $3.59 at Hannaford Supermarket in Marlborough.

2. Oscar Mayer Fully Cooked Bacon: My kids love bacon! They can make themselves a serving of the ready-to-eat bacon in the microwave and there is no big mess to clean up after they leave for school. My fussy eater starts the day with a little protein too, so that makes me feel good. I found this product at Walmart in Hudson for $2.98 per 2.1 ounce package.

3. Eggo Frozen Waffles: Although we love to make our own homemade waffles on the weekend, I find frozen waffles are easier to prepare on school days. I found the 10 waffle package at on Donald Lynch Boulevard for $2.49, and the 24 waffle package at Walmart in Hudson for $4.24.

4. I am very lucky to have an egg eater in the house! Eggs are inexpensive, quick to prepare, and are packed with protein. This week I found a one dozen package of Eggland’s Best all Natural Large Cage-free eggs at the Target on Donald Lynch Boulevard in Marlborough for $2.89.

5. Strawberries: The prices and quality of these tasty gems vary greatly during the year. You can currently find lots of great US-grown strawberries for a good price.  This week I found a one-pound package of conventionally-grown strawberries priced at 2 for $5 with the Advantage card at Marlborough’s supermarket.  If you prefer organic fruit, I found a one-pound package of organic strawberries for $3.99 this week at Marlborough’s Hannaford Supermarket.

See the Target, Walmart, Price Chopper, and Hannaford weekly flyers for these and other deals that are available this week.

Frugal centerpiece: Make a really cute Valentines Day centerpiece for very little cash. Start with a heart-shaped dish and battery tea lights from , and a package of vase fillers, table scatters or your favorite candy. Put the scatters or candy in the dish, and put the tea light in the center. To finish the romantic look, spread some fabric rose petals, also found at Dollar Tree, on your tablecloth.  Thank you to my friends at Pilgrim Congregational Church in Leominster for a wonderful Valentine-themed afternoon tea and inspiration for this idea!

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Jason Malvuccio February 08, 2012 at 07:43 PM
The Price Chopper card is actually called the AdvantEdge card
Josh Gray February 08, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Thanks for the clarification, Jason.


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