Get A Local Deal on Pats Gear Before the Big Game

Save on Patriots logo shirts, a new look for you, and a new closet or home office.

1. Patriots shirt deal: Cheering “GO PATS” is much more effective if you are wearing a Patriots shirt. But at around $85, the number “12” adult jersey is out of reach for many. I found some affordable Patriots shirts at Ocean State Job Lot.  There are hefty hooded sweatshirts for $20, long sleeve t-shirts for $10, and I picked up two short-sleeve t-shirts for $7 each. There are no player names or championship years on these shirts so you can wear them year after year. There are lots of big sizes, so if you are lucky enough to get a ticket for Sunday’s game, you can wear a shirt over your coat. See their weekly flyer for these and more deals. Ocean State Job Lot is located at 230A East Main St. 

2. Spark up your look for less at Charming Charlie: If you are like me, you have a closet full of clothes, nothing to wear, and no budget to get someone new. The right accessory can add that pop of color to your ensemble, you’ll save money and you’ll feel great too! Charming Charlie is an accessory boutique at Northborough Crossing that is set up by color. You can browse through the many beautiful necklace and earring sets, scarves, handbags, boots, and more and pull together a new look for a great price. Dominique Mastrototoro, full time assistant manager, recommended that you bring an outfit that you would like to accessorize to the store and one of the associates can help you pull together a new look. The price points are great: As I shopped I found that many of the earring and necklace sets were $15 and under, I saw colorful and unique handbags for around $40, and they have a great clearance section in the back of the store. They receive a new shipment every day, so fresh new looks are always available. Dominique also told me about CC Socials, which are ways that parent and school groups can have fun, shop for great accessories together, and receive a discount or raise funds for their organization. Select a date and time, usually after business hours, and everyone comes and shops. Visit the Charming Charlie website for more information on products and to sign up to receive email updates about promotions.

3. Annual ELFA sale at the Container Store. ELFA Components and installation are 30 percent off now until Feb. 15. ELFA is a wonderful line of home organization components. Set up a new closet, create a home office, or just get some great shelving for any space to wish to organize. ELFA has a simple design that allows for easy installation and the flexibility to change your storage system or move it as you see fit. I have ELFA in my home: I love it and I plan to get more. I put ELFA in my son’s closet when he was 5 and now that he and his clothes are taller, I can adjust it without the expense of hiring a carpenter. Visit the Container Store website to see instructions for measuring the space that you wish to ELFA-cise. You can create a design at home on the website or take your measurements to the Container Store in Natick or Chestnut Hill and an ELFA designer can help you set up a design for each space. When I designed my closets and home office I made a few trips to the Container Store because I wanted to make sure my measurements were correct. It is very easy to install and even the minimally handy can do it. ELFA makes great drywall anchors so you can be sure that your ELFA system will stay up. The nearest Container Store to Marlborough is the one in Natick on 1265 Worcester St. or Rt. 9 Westbound next to the Natick Collection.

Clothing deals: There are still some really good clearance deals in area stores.  has lots of coats, shoes, and boots on sale. I saw many cute rain boots, and we know mud season will be here before we know it!  and also had some great clearance racks. At the Natick Mall, Lord and Taylor had multiple clearance racks in the girls section, and if you wear juniors’ sizes, there were some cute formal dresses in the clearance rack at Macys. Don’t forget to look for coupons! I found the best printable coupons at Mommysavesbig.com.

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