Greater Boston's Best Dentists, as Voted by Our Readers

A round-up of favorite dentists in the Greater Boston area.

Patch readers throughout the greater Boston area weighed in on their favorite local dentists. After five days of voting, here are our winners. If you’re ever out of town and need some dental work done, these are the people to look for:

: , 274 Newbury St. Boston

(A three-way tie):

  • , 50 Staniford St.
  • , 77 Beacon St.
  • , 25 New Chardon St.

: , 1 Thompson Sq.

: , 389 Main St.

: Albert Cangiano, 123 Forest St.

: , 985 Main St.

: , 51 Holland St.

: , 635 Tremont St.

: , 74 Main St.

: , 15 W. Water St.

Hannah K March 10, 2012 at 06:19 PM
I hate to be negative, but the only office I have experience with is Newbury and I would not recommend my worst enemy goes there. I only had one procedure there, and I witnessed a receptionist cussing out a customer, and, while sedated had to listen to the nurse complain to the surgeon that they always had to fight over getting clean tools. When I left a poor (not scathing) review, I was offered perks to take it down by the marketing team AND the surgeon himself. They also told me my insurance only partially covered the procedure, so I had to get them on a 3 way call to prove my insurance was more than willing to pay. I felt that everyone working there was more worried about $$ than doing a good job taking care of teeth.
NoTyme4BS March 11, 2012 at 03:54 PM
The worse dental office i ever went to was Dental Arts in Davis Sq. Somerville. Seems to me that they are more concerned with the place looking good and too busy to call me when they should have.
DannyBoy March 11, 2012 at 04:51 PM
My worst dental experience is with Gordon Robert J DDS in Malden (10 Holden St). The receptionist kept losing my paperwork, and the dentist did unnecessary procedures that were not covered by insurance, which I found out later getting the bill through the mail.


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