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Bar Pong Gone at Firefly's After Disturbance

The management of Firefly's told the License Board Wednesday that it will never have Bar Pong again after two incidences where the police had to be called.

The Bar Pong games that Firefly's used to run will never return following a disturbance that brought police to the restaurant in October.

“We cancelled bar pong the day after that October fourth incident and discontinued it and will never bring it back into Firefly’s," said Firefly's Manager Steven Uliss.

The games were held to draw people in during the week, he said. The game never involved alcohol in the cups, per state law, said Uliss.

The restaurant soon found people attending bar pong that did not fit with their target clientelle, he said.

“It was success and then we saw that the crowd that we saw coming into the rest was not the crowd we wanted,” said Uliss.

Following a second incident where police had to be called to Firefly's to break up a disturbance on Oct. 4, the Bar Pong was shut down, said Uliss. It will not be coming back.

“We felt it was definitely something we did not want to be known as," said Uliss.

The members of the commission said that was enough of an action following the incident. There are cases in which people have previously been over-served or are drinking in the parking lot prior to entering a business, said License Board Chair Walter Bonin.

"This individual was clearly drunk when he came into the building," he said of the October 4 incident.

Other members agreed that no additional action needed to be taken place.

“He runs a very good operation. I don’t have any issue with how things are run there,” said Commission Member Gregory Mitrakas.

After a year without issue, the incidents will be expunged from the restaurant's records.


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