VIDEO: Win Trip to NYC or L.A. With Your Kid's Costume

Patch’s Little Pumpkin Costume Challenge with Heidi Klum needs your entries now.

Which kid in America has the most creative Halloween costume in the pumpkin patch? That's what we intend to find out with your photos and the help of celebrity judge Heidi Klum, who will select the Grand Prize winner.

The Grand Prize? Patch will whisk the winner to New York or Los Angeles for a two day, three night trip for two that includes a meet and greet with Heidi, plus a donation of $1031 to a local charity of the winner's choice. Nine runners up will also get a $1031 donation from Patch to a local charity of their choice.

Entering is easy. Just upload a photo of your kid, 12 years of age or younger, in his or her Halloween costume, to this post (hit submit your photos above the video here). Include your child’s name, your name, and the charity of your choice in the caption (click "edit photo," and fill in the caption field). Entries must be made by the parent or legal guardian of the child photographed. .

Submissions must be received before 9 p.m. on Halloween night Monday, Oct. 31. 

Good luck and be sure to support Heidi Klum’s efforts to feed the hungry. Visit Trick or Treat for UNICEF! And find more of Heidi’s Halloween favorites at heidiklum.aol.com.


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Paul Bishop October 21, 2011 at 04:25 AM
Hmm. What happens if the submitter can't afford to eat/get around in NYC/LA for three days? That's hundreds of dollars in expenses per person, though a charitable donation is nice, expecting the winner to pay for their own expenses seems a bit counter-intuitive.. the rules state all expenses other than hotel and air are the winner's responsibility. Most people I know with young kids don't have that kind of money, it's being spent on trying to raise the kids- and don't have the several hundred dollars in expenses that would be expected if they won. The expectation that the cash winnings are charitable donations (while the travel expenses aren't even deductible) from folks who may be struggling to make ends meet seems like it could be thought through better. Unless I'm mistaken, the winner is also responsible for taxes (it's taxable income) on the winnings, even the cash winnings being donated.. with a retail value of $3500, that's no small amount of tax liability. Between the food and transportation expenses and the tax liability, winning the contest could cost the winner nearly a thousand dollars.. this hardly seems right. I know for myself, I may submit a photo.. but I can't afford to "win".
Josh Gray October 21, 2011 at 12:13 PM
Hmmm...good questions, Paul. I'll pass them along and let everyone know.
Paul Bishop October 21, 2011 at 12:58 PM
I'm sure the intent was good.. but it seems poorly thought through. In the end, the winner will incur a large out of pocket cost.. and in the process, end up paying hundreds of dollars- and grant full advertising license to boot- while the sponsor gets a tax write-off. I'm sure that this wasn't the intent... but the reality is that as written, winning the contest is no prize..
Josh Gray October 25, 2011 at 04:27 PM
Hi Paul, I've been told this if the format of many mainstream contests, and the prize conditions are pretty standard. If you'd like to participate for the sake of winning and decline the prize, that is also an option. Can't wait to see everyone's great photos!


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