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YOUR TURN: Is it Cool to Save a Parking Spot?

Chairs and other objects always pop up in shoveled-out spots after each snowstorm. Legally, there's no basis for it, but: is this a neighborhood rule where you live? Do you abide by the "he who dug it" code?

It all started with the parking ban the blizzard produced and now we have the perrenial conflict after any big snow storm in New England: claiming on-street parking spots after the dig out. 

While there's no legal basis for the practice, residents will often leave identifying markers in the parking spaces they've spent hours digging out. It is a tradition as close to the hearts of many New Englanders as hating the Yankees.

Readers, we wanted to ask you: is this an unspoken rule in your neighborhood? Have you ever had a parking spot marker ignored? Taken another's space in a fit of desperation? 

Share your story and opinion with other readers in our comment section below.  

Joescarp February 14, 2013 at 05:07 PM
When I lived in Brighton, I used to put up a sign that said, "If you park here, bad things may happen to your car." It worked most of the time. When it didn't, bad things happened to their car.


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