Hurricane Sandy Kittens Need Your Help

Three kittens rescued in the wake of the storm and transported to Marlborough need your help.

They survived Hurricane Sandy and were whisked to safety in Massachusets, but now three seven week-old kittens need surgery before they can be adopted.

“These kittens came in literally right before our transporters," said Jocelyne Durrenberger, president of the Cat Rescue of Marlborough and Hudson (CaRMaH), who has named the kittens Ferdinand, Miranda and Prospero in honor of their survival of Tempest Sandy. “They are starting to gain quite a bit of strength every day."

A coalition of rescue organizations had come together to transport animals up from the overwhelmed shelters in New York. The kittens came from the Hempstead Shelter and need surgery to remove their left eyes.

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The CaRMaH organization has worked extensively with animals that have one leg or one eye. Severe upper resperitory infections can spread to cat's eyes if not treated, said Durrenberger.

The three kittens are now on antibiotics and doing much better, she said, but still need their left eyes to be removed.

The rescue organization has put together a collection for the three kittens, who need a total of $1,200 in surgery. All the funds will go directly to the cats surgery and the organization is a registered non-profit, said Durrenberger.

“Once they are big enough, about two and a half pounds, they are going to be fixed and have their eye removed," she said explaining the smallest is one pound four ounces.

Another way to help the organization is to adopt one of the roughly 30 cats and kittens that they currently have. With more animals overwhelming New York animal shelters, the sooner CaRMaH has space, the sooner they can help out oganizations in New York, said Durrenberger.

“The more cats that can be adopted from our organization, the more we can pull kittens from the hurricane struck areas," she said. “We are limited by size because we are foster home based."

Veronica November 16, 2012 at 01:42 AM
What a great story! I made a small contribution of $10.00 but I hope it helps!!


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