A WWII Generator in Marlborough and other Craigslist Gems

The fun, the funny, the wacky and the genuinely informative pieces of the week from Craigslist in the greater Marlborough area.

Two observations after browsing around Craigslist this week: there are a lot of snowblowers for sale, and people in Southborough seem to be on a selling spree.   

Here's what we've picked out for you read about this week:

This has no effect, but it'll still help, OK?

"This Spell casting do not have any effect on any one,But just to get your problem solve ok." That's what this person in the MetroWest area would like to tell us about the "best spells caster, love spells and money spells and more!!!" It won't affect anyone (sorry), but you can still get scam money back, eliminate family fights, stop your relationship from ending, deal with disturbing menstruation, and wins you troubling court cases, among other miracles.

Oh my God, did you wear a black sweater to Roche Brothers on Tuesday!?

Well, this could possibly be you. You may have missed your chance, but you've got another. A fellow, who says he's 30, saw you in your black sweater in front of him at the register at Roche Brothers in Natick on Tuesday."We kept on looking at each other and smiling...and then I went outside and couldn't find you. I wanted to exchange numbers. You definitely seemed interested too, so I thought I'd give this a shot."

Not necessarily the generator you need to get through a hurricane

Now this is quite the piece. Someone in Marlborough is selling a WWII military generator—all original unit with two cylinders.

For the comic book collector

Anthony in Framingham is selling a whole lot of comic books—80 to be exact—for $40. They're backed and in vinyl and include old Fantastic Fours, Incredible Hulk and more. 

Picky baby fish eaters

A person in Northborough has some baby fish who are picky eaters and don't like the pellets or frozen food. He is "looking to buy a starter culture of any kind of small worm like micro, banana, vinegar etc."

Missing cat in Marlborough

Prince, who is a medium shorthair cat with orange and white fur, is missing. He is not wearing a collar and went missing on Oct. 27 near Cook Lane. Be on the lookout.

Also a ragdoll missing in Shrewsbury

There is a missing male ragdoll in the Harrington Ave. area of Shrewsbury, too. He is very much loved and missed. Keep your eye out for him, and let this poster know if you find him. 


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