Marlborough Drops in Value, New Tax Rates Set

Here are five interesting or important things to know today.

New property tax rates have been set for fiscal 2014. Credit: Zillow.com
New property tax rates have been set for fiscal 2014. Credit: Zillow.com
1. Marlborough is collectively worth $4,368,000 based on new assessments, a drop since 2009, when it was valued at $5,180,000.

2. New tax rates have been established by city officials for fiscal 2014. The property taxes paid by homeowners will continue to be subsidized by commercial properties, under a dual tax rate, but to a lesser extent. The new split is 1.4 percent, with businesses paying the extra .4 percent.

3. The city's worth is split in the following manner: 66.57 percent of the city's value is held by residential properties. Another 33.43 percent is held in commercial and industrial properties.

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5. In Case You Missed It: Two Marlborough boys will be heading to Nationals this month as members of the Nashoba Youth Football 8th Grade team. The team is fundraising now to help everyone make the trip.


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